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apoBank: Problems after bank-side system changes - Knowledgebase / Known issues - Outbank Helpdesk

apoBank: Problems after bank-side system changes

Since the IT changeover at Deutsche Apotheker- and Ă„rztebank (apobank), there are still restrictions on the part of apoBank (we have no influence on these):

  • Unfortunately, authorized accounts are no longer transmitted by the bank via the FinTS interface. Please answer the question 'Should the account be closed?' with 'yes'.
  • Missing sales details: Orders that are submitted via FinTS financial software (e.g. Outbank) are booked at the bank as collective orders and therefore do not contain any booking information after execution. Orders that are executed via the bank's online banking website are booked as individual orders.
  • Credit card transactions: Unfortunately, the bank no longer transmits any information on the purpose of use for credit card accounts.
  • Loans/credits no longer displayed: Loans are no longer accounts in the new system (they do not have an IBAN) and can therefore not be accessed via FinTS. What can now be seen are special repayment accounts that have an IBAN and through which the payments for the loan are made. They remain, nevertheless are always offset, so they do not reflect the loan, but only the payments made.

Please also note the information on the bank's website:

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