May accounts have been duplicated. How can I merge them? - iOS-Version / Edit Accounts - Outbank Helpdesk

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May accounts have been duplicated. How can I merge them?

If a bank changes the account details after adding the account to Outbank (e.g. in the case of a merger of two bank institutes or a major system update), the accounts might be recognized as "new" by the app and get duplicated. 

If this happens, the old account gets disconnected by Outbank and can not be updated anymore. The new account can be updated, but it may not have the same sales history as the old account. The reason for this is, that banks only offer a limited transaction history. 

As a workaround, you can export the historic transactions from the old account and import them to the new one. Afterward, the old account can be hidden from your list of accounts:

  1. First, open the newly created account and check the date of the oldest transaction in the account.
  2. Then, switch to the 'old' account and select the transactions that were booked before the date of the oldest transaction in the 'new' account:
    - In the iOS version, press 'Edit' in the upper right corner of the list of transactions and then select the old transactions.
    - If you are using the Android or Windows 11 / Amazon FireOS version, select the account, press on the 3 dots in the upper right corner, and select 'Edit'. Then you can select the transactions.
    - In the macOS app, you can select the desired transactions with the cursor. 
  3. Tap or click on the 'Export' button at the bottom and select 'Export to Another Account'. 
  4. Select the new account. 
  5. Press 'Export' to copy the transactions to the new account. 
  6. After completing the transaction history in your new account, you can hide the old account:
    - In iOS version: 'Accounts' > 'Select account' > 'Select dropdown next to account name' > Hide account.
    - In the Android and Windows 11 / Amazon FireOS version: 'Accounts' > 'Select account' > 'Tap on the 3 dots in the top right corner > 'Settings' > 'Hide account
    - In the macOS version: 'Accounts' > 'Select account' > 'Press on the account name above the turnover list' > 'Settings' > 'Hide account