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Revolut: Integration not working any longer - Knowledgebase / Known issues - Outbank Helpdesk

Revolut: Integration not working any longer

Due to technical restrictions introduced by Revolut in the retailAPI we previously used, it is unfortunately no longer possible to connect your accounts to Outbank. We reached out to Revolut but did not receive any support to solve this issue. Unfortunately, we also have no access to Revolut's PSD2 API. In order to be able to access this interface, third-party providers must get a permission from BaFin, the national supervisory authority. Outbank currently does not have this permit. Our reason for not applying the BaFin permit: Only providers who have direct access to customer data are required to register themselves with BaFin. Outbank has no access to customer data. In Outbank, all financial data is encrypted on the user's device. The communication with the bank server is not build up by our company, but via the user's device. Outbank is therefore exempt from legal regulation and currently does not have a BaFin PSD2 license. As you may have read, Outbank has been part of the Verivox family since the end of 2017. Whether and not a registration for Verivox company will take place, is open at the moment. We hope that Revolut will change its mind about using the retailAPI if many customers complain about not being able to fetch their account with Outbank any longer. It would be greatly appreciated if you could submit the feature request "Enable data retrieval for Outbank via retailAPI" via in-app support at Revolut or start a discussion at You can also file a complaint on the Revolut website: Thank you for your support and understanding!
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