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Which macOS Keyboard shortcuts can I use in Outbank?

Do you also get annoyed when you have to click through several steps before getting to the feature you want? To spare your valuable time, we added some shortcuts to Outbank with the most popular functions. 

Use the shortcuts to get your tasks done faster  – and save time for your financial management.

Keyboard shortcuts:

If you have opened Outbank on your Mac, you can use these key combinations on your keyboard to go directly to the respective function (⌘ = cmd):

  • ⌘ +,: Open Settings
  • ⌘ + L: Lock Outbank
  • ⌘ + H: Hide Outbank
  • Alt + ⌘ + H: Hide other windows
  • ⌘ + Q: Quit Outbank
  • ⌘ + N: Open ‘Send money’
  • ⌘ + R: Refresh all active accounts
  • ⌘ + P: Print the selected transactions
  • ⌘ + W: Close current window
  • Shift + ⌘ + N: Edit account groups
  • ⌘ + F: Start a global search in the main window 

Context menu for accounts, contracts, and budgets:

When you right-click with the mouse or a secondary click on the trackpad, a context menu appears that contains the following shortcuts:

  • In the account list: Right-click on an account and you can update the account, mark all transactions as read, send money, print & export all transactions, rename & hide the account, share account details or open the account settings.
  • In the contract overview: Right-click on a contract and you can edit, change, cancel, or delete the contract.
  • In the budget overview: Right-click on a budget and you can edit & delete the budget or display related sales.