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Which shortcuts can i use on iOS? - Knowledgebase / iOS-Version (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) / Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Outbank Helpdesk

Which shortcuts can i use on iOS?

You can use lots of features in Outbank with shortcuts/swipe on iOS as described in the following:

  • Swipe right on an account group: refreshes all accounts of the group 
  • Swipe right on an account: refreshes the account
  • Swipe left on an account: rename the account or mark transactions as read/unread

  • In the list of accounts:
  • Pull-to-Refresh (Swipe down & hold a list of accounts): refreshes all accounts
  • tap & hold on an account: open Account-Group menu

  • In the list of transactions of an account:
  • Swipe down: refreshes the account
  • Swipe right on a transaction: add a category or a tag  
  • Swipe left on a transaction: add transaction as a recurring contract to your fixed costs or mark the transaction as read/unread

  • In the transaction details:
  • Swipe left on the category: deletes the category 
  • Swipe down: shows the previous transaction
  • Swipe up: shows the next transaction

  • In the Contracts menu:
  • Swipe left on a contract: deletes this contract

  • In the Budgets:
  • Swipe left on a budget: deletes this budget

Siri Shortcuts for payments:
At the end of a payment, you will see the feature "Add to Siri".  With this, you can add a shortcut for the payment:

Outbank Widgets for Amounts and Budgets:
With the 'Today'-view of your iOS device you can add widgets for Outbank too:

3D-Touch / Forde Touch:
Tapping long on the app icon on your home screen you can open the 3D/ForceTouch Feature.

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