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How can I enable / disable notifications about new transactions? - Knowledgebase / iOS-Version (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) / Background App Refresh / Notifications - Outbank Helpdesk

How can I enable / disable notifications about new transactions?

Outbank can refresh your accounts in the background and send you notifications about new transactions. As always, your data is securely encrypted on your device.

To get notified about new transactions in Outbank, please make sure that the backgrounding is activated for Outbank in the iOS settings:
iOS Settings > General > Background App Refresh: ON > Outbank > ON
iOS Settings > Outbank > Notifications > Allow Notifications
If you have already agreed during the onboarding to be notified of new transactions via push, you do not have to make any further settings.

Push notifications can be activated or deactivated at any time in the Settings of the Outbank app:
'Outbank' > 'Settings' > 'Push Notifications' > 'New Transactions' > 'ON'

The following conditions must be fulfilled to enable Outbank to update the accounts in the background:

  • The banking PIN must be saved in the app
  • The iOS settings for backgrounding and notifications must be enabled
  • The app must remain open in the background 

There are a couple of restrictions you should be aware of:

  • Since the PSD2 directive, which came into force in September 2019, we had to make some adjustments in our running system. As some banks only allow 4 account queries a day, we had to reduce the number of automatic background refreshes to a maximum of 2 per day and account. A lot of banks request 2-factor-authentication for each account query - those banks  can unfortunately no longer be refreshed in the background.
  • Deleted, hidden, disabled, and non-linked accounts can not be updated in the background. 
  • You can choose whether the transaction details (sender and recipient of the payment, amount and number of transactions) should be displayed in the messages, or only the information about the number of new transactions)
  • There are no expected transaction notifications displayed
  • There is no background account refresh at weekends or at night 
  • If the power saving mode gets switched on on your device, no background account refresh can take place.
  • It is not possible to set an interval for the background account refresh in the app. The interval is controlled by the operating system (iOS) and depends on various criteria (app usage, charge state, reception..).
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