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How exactly does active SSL pinning work?

Outbank is the only app where your device is directly connected to your bank. No third party or proxy server is included in the connection. This ensures 100% secure communication between your device and your bank.

This bank-device-connection is additionally secured by certificate (SSL) pinning. In general, Outbank checks before every connection and automatically every 15 minutes whether a bank’s safety certificate is valid. If an irregularity occurs or the connection has been tampered with, Outbank will immediately terminate the connection to the bank. This ensures that no one unauthorized is getting any information, as it is the case e.g. during a man-in-the-middle attack.

In case the certificates cannot be verified, you will get the warning "Something or someone is changing the connection...". If you see such a warning, please contact our support and send a screenshot of the error message.