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How can i add budgets on Android? - Knowledgebase / Android-Version / Contracts - Outbank Helpdesk

How can i add budgets on Android?

To controll your spendings you can now add budgets in Outbank. 

You can choose from a number of budgets and then link manual and automatic tgas to the budget. So the budget gets updated with every new payment. 

Please note that the budgets only work if you assign tags to a budget. 

This is how you can create budgetes:

  • Open your Contracts and click on '+' then choose 'Budget'
  • Choose the category and the tags you want to add to this budget. There has to be at least one tag assigned
  • Choose the value of the budget and set the name 
  • The budget is now visible in Financial Plan > 'Budgets' 
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