How can i subscribe on my macOS App? - macOS-Version / Subscription - Outbank Helpdesk

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How can i subscribe on my macOS App?

You can subscribe as follows:  

  1. Open the Settings > click on the tab 'Subscription'
  2. Select the subscription you want: Individual or Business.
    If you manage both your private and your business accounts in Outbank, please choose the 'Business' Subscription.
  3. Select your payment: monthly or annually and then on 'Buy Outbank'
  4. You will now be forwarded to your App Store. Tap on 'Subscribe' to complete your purchase.
  5. You will see a summary of your subscription. Please confirm it to activate your subscription.

14-Days free trial:  
After choosing the subscription you can test Outbank 14 days for free. You will not be billed until the end of the free trial period.

One Subscription for all devices: 
If you use Outbank on different devices with the same platform (e.g. on an iPhone and an iPad) you can also restore the purchase with your AppleID.
If you use Outbank also on a macOS or Android device, you can restore your purchase with your Outbank ID on the other devices. Just login with the same Outbank ID (E-Mail address) on all of your devices.

Automatic Prolongation: 
Your Subscription will renew automatically: either monthly or yearly. Of course you can cancel your subscription every time.

Manage your subscription: 
You can change or cancel your subscription any time (e.g. from monthly to yearly subscription) in your App Store.
If you tap on 'Manage Subscription' in the Outbank Settings you will be forwarded directly to your App Store.