How Can I Add a New Offline Account? - iOS-Version / Offline Accounts - Outbank Helpdesk

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How Can I Add a New Offline Account?

Offline accounts allow you to add missing assets to complete your asset overview. Unlike traditional bank accounts, offline accounts are disconnected from any institute. You can manually record your transactions and other assets.

To add a new offline account, follow the steps below:

  1. Start the app's setup wizard by selecting '+ NEW' > 'Add Account.'
  2. Search for 'Offline Account', select it from the Top List or the product groups.
  3. Select the account type that suits your needs: cryptocurrency, precious metal, investment fund, real estate, collectible, company shares, foreign currency, bank products, cash account, or offline account.
  4. Give the account a name and select the preferred currency.
  5. If preferred, you can also specify an initial account balance and activate the currency converter for your foreign currency accounts.
  6. Click 'Create Account' to finish setting up the new offline account.
  7. Go to the list of accounts, select the new offline account, and add your offline transactions or assets.

You are free to create as many offline accounts as you need. To get a better overview, you can assign them to specific account groups.