How can I make transfers? - Android-Version / Send Money / Request Money - Outbank Helpdesk

How can I make transfers?

To do a transfer please proceed as follows:

Open the account list and use the FAB button (+)> 'Payment'

You will only see the Payment option if you have set up accounts that are available for SEPA transfer via "HBCI +" or "FinTS PIN / TAN".

Select the account from which you want to transfer money from the displayed list. Note that only those accounts that are available for SEPA referral are displayed in the account list.

Enter the receiver's name and the IBAN, or select a contact from existing transactions

Note: the BIC is also reqeuested for some banks; Outbank has no influence on this.


Enter the amount and purpose; If the account allows date transfer, you can select the desired execution date under the purpose


Check again all the details and select the desired TAN methode:

Classical TAN method

Indicated TAN method (iTAN)

Mobile TAN (SMS-TAN)

Manual chipTAN method

Optical chipTAN method




Enter the corresponding TAN to release the transfer.