How can I edit my payment recipient list? - Android-Version / Send Money / Request Money - Outbank Helpdesk

How can I edit my payment recipient list?

The Outbank app displays all payment contacts in the payment window found in your transactions. You can personalize the recipient list.

If the account information of a contact changes, you can remove the contact with the old account from the recipient list:

  1. Start a new transfer.
  2. Select the account from which you want to send the money.
  3. Tap in the recipient name field. Based on your transaction history, Outbank will show your existing contacts as you enter the name. If you don't want to see a contact in your recipient list, swipe left with your finger across the contact's cell and hide it from the list.

You can mark payment recipients as favorites. Favorites are shown at the top of the suggestion list:

  • In the payment window: Start a new payment and search for the contact in the list of contacts. Tap the yellow star next to the contact to mark it as a favorite.
  • In the transaction details: Select the transaction of the contact and tap the yellow star next to the recipient name to mark it as a favorit.
  • After sending money: After sending a payment, you can mark the recipient as a favorite in the success screen with the yellow star.

Please note: Contacts can only be marked as favorites if the recipient's IBAN is available.