How can I transfer my Data from an iPhone/iPad to a Mac? - iOS-Version / Backups - Outbank Helpdesk


How can I transfer my Data from an iPhone/iPad to a Mac?

In order to use a local backup to transfer your data from an iPhone/iPad to your Mac, follow these steps:

  1. Open Outbank on your iPhone/iPad and go to backups via the settings
  2. Click on the backup that you want to use on the new device > Share > choose a sharing option of your choice (e.g. mail) > send backup to your own email address
  3. Make sure Outbank is installed on your Mac
  4. Open the backup in the attachment of the email on your Mac and Outbank will start automatically
  5. Enter the App password from your iOS device which was also used to create the backup. This can vary from your current one.

IMPORTANT: After you have reset your backup, you need to log in with your Outbank ID.

In case you use the data synchronisation between multiple devices, please reset the 'Secure Sync'. Every step of the way is described here:

Tip: The Secure Sync allows you to synchronize your data across different devices without manually editing and adding data. Read more about this here: