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How to import transactions from the ING to Outbank?

Outbank supports the import of transactions and transaction lists per account.   

  1. To import your transactions from your ING to Outbank, export them from each account as a CSV file from the website of the ING.
  2. Add your bank account to Outbank. Go to '+NEW' > 'Add Account' on iOS, Android and Windows 11 / Amazon FireOS, or 'Options' > 'Add Account' on macOS. Search for ING.
  3. Enter your login credentials and connect to the ING.
  4. Next, Outbank will show you all the connected accounts, e.g. checking accounts, credit cards, and custody accounts. Below the accounts, you have the option to upload a data file with your historic transactions.
  5. The Outbank import window opens:
    - Select the file you want to import.
    - Select the 'ING website' as data source.
    - Select the account you want the transactions to be imported to.
    - If you've categorized the transactions on the website of the ING, and you want to import your categories too, turn on the switch next to 'Import categories'. If the switch remains inactive, the imported transactions will be categorized based on your category system in Outbank.
    Any existing tags and notes will also be imported and added to Outbank.
    - Tap on 'Import' to import the transactions into the selected account.

If you have been managing your bank account in Outbank for a while, you can import your historical transactions from the account settings:

  • To open the account settings on your iOS device, select the account and tap on the account name above the list of transactions or use the context menu in the list of accounts (long tap on the account cell).
  • On your Android and Windows 11 / Amazon FireOS device, press the three dots in the upper right corner of the list of transactions and then select 'Settings'.
  • On your Mac, right-click or secondary click (e.g., click with two fingers at the same time) on the trackpad over the account cell in the list of accounts and select 'Settings'. Alternatively, you can also select the account, click on the button with the account name in the top left and then select the 'Settings' tab.
    Go to 'Import Transactions' to launch the import window.