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How can I filter my transactions on my Mac? - Knowledgebase / macOS-Version / Suche & Filter - Outbank Helpdesk

How can I filter my transactions on my Mac?

You can filter your transactions on your Mac according to certain criteria and show them in Outbank.

If you want to filter all transactions please open the Timeline. Here you can choose either all accounts or also selected accounts or Accopunt Groups to filter. To do this, just click on the filter button. 

If you want to search in a certain account, select the account in your list of accounts and then click on the filter button. 

You can now filter your transactions according to the following criteria:

  • Type of the transaction: Credits/ Debits/ Both
  • categories: Bookings with tag (#) or without a tag (#)
  • Period: whole/ current month/ last month/ current year/ last year/ You can set the period manueal, too
  • Amout: Define the amount by slider

Click on 'Apply' to activate the filter.

If one or more filters are active, you can see this by the colored marking of the filter button.

To delete the filter, just turn back to the filters and 'Reset' > 'Apply'

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