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How can I download the Updates from Outbank?

Outbank is sold exclusively through the App Store. If you have Outbank installed on your iOS or macOS device, the app can update the app automatically or manually.

To do this, just proceed as follows:

  1. iOS / iPadOS: 
    • automatic update:
      Go to your iOS settings> click on your name (ID)> 'iTunes & App Store'> Automatic download> App updates> ON. The apps are then updated automatically, there is no separate notification from Apple.
    • manual update: 
      • iOS12 and older: open the App Store> click on 'Updates' at the bottom> press on 'Update' for the respective app update
      • from iOS13 / iPadOS: open the App store> press your profile icon in the top right corner> scroll to 'Available Updates' and press 'Update' for the desired app. If you have several pending updates for different apps, you can also press "Update all".
  2. macOS: 
    •  update: 
      Open the App Store> click in the sidebar or the top menu bar (depending on the macOS version) on Updates> press 'Update' for the respective app update

Please also note the following information on using Outbank:

  • Outbank is only available for download in the following app stores: Germany, Austria, and Switzerland
  • The system requirements are: 
    • mac: OS X 10.13 or later, 64-bit processor
    • iOS: at least iOS14