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How can i cancel may contracts in Outbank? - Knowledgebase / Android-Version / Contracts - Outbank Helpdesk

How can i cancel may contracts in Outbank?

Since version 1.12.0 you can cancel your contracts in Outbank for free. Therefor we integrated all necessary features from Aboalarm GmbH in your Outbank app.

To cancel a contract, please proceed as follows:

  1. Open 'Contracts' > choose the contract you want to cancel > in the contract's details you can click on 'Cancel Contract'
  2. Confirm to the Terms&Conditions and the Privacy Policy from aboalarm, because aboalarm will execute the canceallation for you. Therefore we will transfer the needed data to aboalarm. 
  3. You will see summary of the data we will transfer to aboalarm. Please check the data. 
  4. Send the cancellation. You will receive a shipping confirmation from aboalarm. The confirmation for the cancellation will be sent separately from your contracting party.
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