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How can i edit existing budgets on Android? - Knowledgebase / Android-Version / Contracts - Outbank Helpdesk

How can i edit existing budgets on Android?

In the budgets overview you can see the progress of your budgets. 
With every new payment the budget-bar goes on further to the rigth side.

This is how you can edit your budgets: 

In the budget's details you can edit the budget, just tap on the edit-symbol in the upper right corner:

  • Category: click on the category and then choose the new category from the list of categories
  • Name: Here you can edit the individuel name for your budget
  • Amount: click on the value and enter the new value for your budget
  • Tags: click on 'Edit Tags' and add new tags or delete tags. Please note that every budget has to have at least one tag assigned.
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