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How do you make your money?

As you have probably noticed, Outbank has been part of the Verivox family since the end of 2017. Outbank and Verivox pursue a common vision: To be the finance app on the home screen that offers a full overview of your own finances and makes optimizing and money-saving a piece of cake - all with full data security.

In line with this vision, monetization takes place via lead generation.

Together with Verivox, we offer deals for electricity and gas tariffs (in the future also telephone and mobile phone contracts, car insurance, etc.), which you can switch to directly in the app. With aboalarm we offer you an easy way to cancel contracts with over 25,000 providers. In both cases, we earn money from a commission.

As with all Outbank functions, we also have no insight into your financial data with the contract functions.

Nobody except you and your bank knows about your current financial situation in Outbank. We only transfer data if you actively use the functions to change or cancel the contract. Also, only the data that you enter during the process and that are relevant for the contract change or termination are transmitted to Verivox / aboalarm. Verivox / aboalarm or Outbank have no access to other personal data.

We believe that money should make life better and easier - not more complicated. That is why we will continue to work on functions in the future to give you more clarity about your financial situation: a 360 ° view of your finances.

We want to reveal in more detail what your individual financial situation looks like, which expenses could possibly cause a mountain of debt, and where there is potential for optimization. We want to help you to use exactly this optimization potential to your advantage: By giving you functions to turn wishes into reality. So that you have the best conditions to look into a better, more flexible, more independent future with optimized finances.

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