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Can I use the photoTAN Method in Outbank?

If your bank provides the photoTAN process for your accounts via the HBCI interface, you can also use the photoTAN method to authorize your payments using Outbank.

The following banks currently support the photoTAN process via the HBCI interface:

  • Comdirect 
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Berliner Bank
  • Norisbank
  • Oldenburgische Landesbank

How the photoTAN method works:

Each transaction generates its own graphic, which you can convert into a TAN using the free photoTAN app of your bank or the reader.

Important: If you are using your bank's photoTAN app, you need the photoTAN app on a second device to scan the activation graphic.

How to use the photoTAN method in Outbank:

  1. Before you can use the photoTAN method, you have to activate your smartphone and / or reader for the photoTAN method in your online banking. For activation, you need the appropriate photoTAN app for your iPhone / iPad or the reader from your bank.
  2. To update the changes in Outbank, a manual synchronization of your credentials is necessary: 'Settings' > 'Select credential' > 'Update configuration'
  3. Open a new payment and select the TAN method "photoTAN".
  4. After sending the transaction, a colored photoTAN graphic is displayed in Outbank. Scan the code with your photoTAN app or your reader. Scanning the photoTAN graphic generates the individual TAN.
  5. The transaction can then be released by entering the TAN in Outbank.

For more information on how to use the photoTAN procedure, please visit your bank's website.