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Can the pushTAN Method be used with OutBank?

If your bank or savings bank provides the pushTAN method via the HBCI interface, you can also use it via Outbank to authorize your transactions.

The following banks currently support the pushTAN process via the HBCI interface:

  • Sparkassen
  • DKB

How the pushTAN method works:

With pushTAN you get your TAN simply and securely into the password protected pushTAN app of your bank on your smartphone or tablet.

How to use the pushTAN procedure in Outbank:

  1. Before you can use the pushTAN procedure, you have to activate the corresponding pushTAN app in the online portal of your bank.
  2. To take on the changes of the banks in Outbank, please update your access profile in Outbank: 'Settings' > 'Bank credentials' > 'Select credential' > 'Update configuration' 

Important: For the pushTAN of DKB, you have received a new login in the registration letter. This ends with "_p". Please use this login in the access data for the Deutsche Kreditbank and synchronize the bank access. Now you can use pushTAN for transactions.

       3. Open a new payment and finally select the "pushTAN" TAN method. If you use several TAN media (smartphones or tablets) with the pushTAN app, you can specify the medium to which the TAN is to be made after selecting the TAN method.

       4. After sending the transaction, a TAN is reqired.

       5. Open your pushTAN app and log in there with your personal password. 

       6. Compare the data displayed in the pushTAN app with your order data. If the data matches, ask the TAN via "Show TAN".

       7. The transaction can then be released by entering the TAN into OutBank.

For more information on how to use the pushTAN procedure, please visit your bank's website.