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How can I do Payments?

Here is how you can do payments:

  • iOS: 'click on the +-Button the Tabbar' > 'Payment'. The button will only show up if you have set up accounts that support SEPA payments with “HBCI+” or “FinTS PIN/TAN”.  
  • macOS: press the 'Options' Button in the upper left corner and then 'Send Money'
  • Choose the account that you want to send money from. Please note that the account list only shows accounts that support SEPA payments. 
  • Enter the receiver name and the IBAN or choose a contact from existing transactions.
    Please note that some banks additionally require the BIC, Outbank has no influence on that. 
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  • Enter the amount and the transfer reason. If your account supports scheduled payments, you can select the execution date below the transfer reason. 
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  • Now you can review the transaction data and choose your preferred TAN method:

    • classic TAN
    • indexed TAN (iTAN)
    • mobile TAN (mTAN)
    • manual chipTAN
    • optic chipTAN
    • photoTAN
    • pushTAN
    • BestSign
  • Enter the TAN to send the payment.


NOTE: Currently, Outbank does not support direct debit.