How can I create or use a template for a transfer? - Android-Version / Send Money / Request Money - Outbank Helpdesk

How can I create or use a template for a transfer?

Create transfer templates in Outbank:

1. In the summary of a transfer:

When you have entered all the information for your transfer, the “Save as template” button will appear on the summary screen. If you click or tap on it, you can save this transfer as a template.

2. After a transfer:

Once you have made the transfer, you will also see the “Save as template” button. You can also use the same screen to add the recipient as a favorite, which will then appear at the top of the recipient list in the future.

Use/edit transfer templates for a transfer:

  • If you start a transfer, you first have to select the account from which the money should be transferred, as usual. In the second step, the recipient selection, the button “Select template” appears if you have saved templates. The button is grayed out if you have not yet saved any templates.
  • Click on the button to get to the overview of your saved templates. Here you can delete templates or select for the current transfer.