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How can I prevent excessively high values from being displayed in my balance history with my portfolios under 'All Transactions'

The balance graph in 'All transactions' shows the current balances of the selected accounts. The transactions are calculated retrospectively to determine your daily balance.

If you have shares accounts in 'All transactions', the calculated daily balance may differ from your actual daily balance on the days of share purchases. The reason for that is that although the share value has been debited to your clearing account, there is no turnover to which this money was credited. Only the "value" (balance) of the investment account changes. Unfortunately, there is no information in the transaction details on how much money was invested and when.

As a workaround for this issue, we recommend setting up an offline account and creating a corresponding contra entry for each share purchase:

  1. Set up a new offline account:
    Go to '+NEW' > 'Account' on iOS, Android, and Windows or to 'Options' > 'Add account' on macOS. Search for 'Offline account' and select an appropriate account type. Enter a name for the account, e.g. 'Counter-Entries.'
  2. Select the offline account in the account list, open the account settings, and select '0 balance' as the displayed balance for the account. This way, the balance of the account will not affect your total balance.
    To open the account settings, follow these steps:
    - On your iOS device, press on the account name above the transactions list or use the context menu in the account list (long tap on the account cell),
    - On your Android/Windows device, click on the three dots at the top right of the transactions list and then select 'Settings.'
    - On your Mac, right-click in the account cell or use the secondary click (e.g., click with two fingers simultaneously) on the trackpad. Alternatively, you can also select the account, click on the button with the account name at the top left and then select the 'Settings' tab.
  3. For each share purchase debited from the clearing account, create a corresponding counter-entry in the offline account. 
    You can either manually create a new transaction in the offline account with an inverted sign, the same amount, and the same date or transfer the transaction from the clearing account to the offline account directly. To do so, open the clearing account, select the transaction, tap on the 'Export button' at the bottom of the transaction details, select 'Transfer to another account,' and select the offline account as the target account. Important: In this case, you must open the transferred transaction in the offline account and change the sign of the transaction manually.
  4. To get a better overview, you can then assign all three accounts to an account group: 
    Go to the app settings, then navigate to 'Account Groups' (or on macOS, go to 'Options' > 'Edit Groups') and create a 'New Group.' Assign all the desired accounts to that account group. Please note: Each account can only be assigned to one account group.

Alternatively, you can completely exclude your securities account from the total: open 'All transactions,' then click on the filter icon at the top right and deselect the securities account in the account filter.