How can I do payments from my Commerzbank Account? - iOS-Version / Send Money / Request Money - Outbank Helpdesk

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How can I do payments from my Commerzbank Account?

The Commerzbank offers banking via the HBCI interface. Customers who request access to this interface can also to payments in Outbank. 

Please proceed as follows to use the HBCI account in Outbank: 

  • Apply for your HBCI credentials at the Commerzbank:
    Fill out the form and send it to the Commerzbank: 
    After a few days you will receive a letter with your credentials.
  • Enable the photoTAN method at the Commerzbank Website, you will need this for the authentication.
    Important note: An authentification with chip card (DDV/RDH) is not possible in Outbank.

After the Commerzbank sent the credentials to you, add the Commerzbank HBCI Login in Outbank:

  1. Open Outbank and go to "Add Account". 
  2. Search for ‘Commerzbank’ select the one with the right 'Bankleitzahl'.
  3. Enter your credentials and tap on 'Connect'.
  4. Do the required authentications with the photoTAN method.
  5. In the next step you can select the  accounts from the login, that should be added in Outbank.
  6. If the App finds new contracts, you can add them directly to your contract list.

If you already have your "old" Commerzbank Account in Outbank, you can merge the two accounts. Please see the attached Link how to do this.

Now you can do payments in Outbank from your Commerzbank account:

  1. Start a new Payment: ‘+ Neu’ > ‘Send money’
  2. Select the Commerzbank Account, you want to sende the money from 
  3. Enter the Receiver / IBAN.
  4. Gib den Empfängernamen und die IBAN an.
  5. Enter the amount and the transfer reason in the next step.
  6. Regarding which features the Commerzbank offers for your account via the HBCI interface, you can choose which type of payment you want to do: Payment, Realtime Payment, Transfer, Scheduled Payment, Direct Debit or Standing Orders.
  7. Check the Review page of the payment and tap on "Send now" and do the photoTAN Authentication to send the payment.